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Protecting Your Company from Becoming Part of the Disinformation Ecosystem

The work of bad actors is no longer a curiosity for journalists and communication leaders.  This toxic brew of security, public health and privacy risks...

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How Will PR Evolve? A Look at Where We Are and Where We’re Going

Public relations (PR) — the practice of strategically communicating information to the public in order to influence their perception — is as old as society itself....

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Why Great Answers Come from Great Questions

“The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge,” said satirical novelist Thomas Berger. I think about this quote often. It...

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2022 Media Pitching Best Practices

As PR professionals, we have our fingers on the pulse of media. We pay attention to not only which stories are trending, but how they’re...

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4 Ways to Make Online Content Strategy Cool Again

Content strategy is a key opportunity for differentiation. Content creation can be overwhelming and time-consuming without the right guidance. It involves many multi-faceted and collaborative...

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How to Optimize Press Releases for B2B Marketing

Not too long ago, the press release was the standard way to kick off an earned media campaign. It was assumed editors were reading what...

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